Specialised rural tax advisory services

We want to minimise your tax obligations

Our philosophy is built around ensuring you take full advantage of all rural tax opportunities and ensuring you do not pay one cent more than your legal obligation requires.

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With the support of our sister company HC Partners LP we are heavily focused on tax planning and ensuring that the tax payable by your farming group is kept to an absolute minimum.

Tax can be a heavy burden on a farming business and we are very focused on making sure that all concessions and considerations are fully canvassed to achieve a position where the tax cost is minimised.

As examples:

Tax minimisation
Too often we see farmers who have paid more tax than they should have, we have an experienced team who can give advice not just at year end but throughout the year on how business decisions you may be considering will affect your tax position.

We are able to review your structure to make sure that it enables the spreading of income across entities that carry the lowest tax cost.

Livestock valuation schemes
We are experienced with the various livestock valuation schemes available and we can provide tax scenarios based on the options available to you. Utilisation of the right scheme for the right time period can provide significant permanent tax advantages.

Farm Expenditure

  • There are a variety of tax rules related specifically to farm expenditure
  • Certain expenses can be immediately claimed as a deduction
  • Other development expenditure can be written off over a certain time period
  • The knowledge of what is and isn’t fully deductible can be useful when you are nearing balance date or looking to make significant spends
  • We are able to discuss this with you and make sure you are fully informed of the tax impact of expenditure and options that you may have

Income Equalisation Scheme

  • This is a scheme only available to those involved in the farming, fishing and forestry industries
  • It allows you to make a deposit into the income equalisation scheme and treat that as a reduction in your taxable income for a specific tax year
  • The deposit is held by the IRD and earns interest at a specified IRD rate
  • The deposit can be held for up to 5 year, any withdrawals are taxable income in the year the withdrawals are made

Provisional Tax Estimates

  • Provisional tax payable to the IRD is based on the prior year’s income
  • Farmers trade in an ever changing environment and it is important to continue to review forecasted profits throughout the year
  • To ensure tax is not being over or underpaid we can assist with your projections and review these with you on a regular basis

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We’re committed to providing excellent advice and support to you and your rural business. We provide a diverse range of specialist services specifically designed to add value whatever stage your business is at.

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