Operational structures

Assisting with structures that suit your business

Many people spend so much time running their business, they don’t have time to step back and look at their business. Governance is critical to a successful business it forces business owners to step away from the day to day business to work on it rather than in it.

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Farmers are often operating large businesses with huge amounts of capital and not allowing themselves the time to focus on the big picture.

With the increasing amount of compliance required including environmental, health & safety, stock recording it is important that procedures are in place to manage all of this.

We can assist with creating a governance structure that suits your business, this could include:

  • Creating a structure where family members and/or staff have clear roles
  • Templates to assist with environmental requirements, financial reporting, management reporting
  • Regular reporting timetable
  • Governance meetings to discuss both operational and financial matters

Dairy Sector
We are able to assist you to review your current operational structure to make sure that it is the best fit for your farming business.
In the dairy sector there are various ways of employing your staff from:

  • Managers
  • Variable Order Contract Milkers
  • Contract Milkers
  • Sharemilkers
  • Equity Partners

We are able to review the various options with you to work out which one will suit you and your business needs. We are able to provide the numbers so you can see both the financial and non-financial benefits that attach to the various options.

The industry evolves over time and we are able to assist with any review of the operational structure to ensure your current structure is still suitable.

Farm Leases
Leasing is a common farm arrangement and it is vital that lease agreements include all the relevant clauses to protect both the lessor and the lessee. We can review your lease agreement clauses including providing advice on lease values and payment structure options from a practical farming viewpoint.

Equity Arrangements
We have access to a large farming clientele and often have clients looking for equity partners or equity managers. We have experience in the set-up of equity arrangements and subsequent advice with budgets, cashflows and governance. It is so important to get these structures and agreements right and we have been involved with partnerships which have operated and are still operating successfully 15 years later.

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We’re committed to providing excellent advice and support to you and your rural business. We provide a diverse range of specialist services specifically designed to add value whatever stage your business is at.

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