Farm environment plan audit process

Assistance in an ever changing environment

Having a planned approach to managing environmental impacts offers significant benefits for you, your farm, and your future.

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The farming environment is constantly changing both politically and economically.

Many farmers are finding themselves requiring a farm environment plan (FEP) to apply for a consent to farm. Farmers generally have a qualified consultant assist with this process.

We liaise with and are connected to a number of consultants.

We have observed that once the consent is received, the common mistake is to assume that this process is complete.

The FEP will generally outline the various records that must be kept and maintained.

The FEP will also outline the various actions required.

This process will be reviewed by an ECAN approved auditor one year from the date of consent. A pass grade is required to ensure you remain compliant with your consent.

How we can help

  • Once you have your consent we can assist you with templates to allow you to systemise and maintain appropriate records so that when audit time comes you are ready
  • When you get notification of your audit from ECAN we can provide a tailored checklist to ensure you have everything required
  • We have the skills and experience to assist you with the audit process. Even if you simply want someone to check that you have things accurately and systematically recorded
  • Having been through the audit process and achieved ‘A’ audit grades Belinda is well placed to assist with this

We look forward to assisting you with your farm environment plan audit process.

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